What do we mean by feature? A feature is a piece of functionality that consist of an action or object (Example: creating code or configuring a system) that meets a business need. Here are a few things that features should accomplish?

  • Features should add value to the business or the customer.
  • Features should be broken down to a granular level to be more manageable.
  • Features should have an estimated finish time to completion.
  • Features should have a testing process and must pass to meet the customer or business needs. 

Let’s go a step further to discuss why we use features. We use features to lay out and define the desired outcomes of  project, document and gather the necessary requirements in a central spot, and deliver the needs of the business. 

Here are a couple examples of features for an Opportunity Management Capability: 

  • Managing Opportunity Details
  • Managing Products
  • Managing Opportunity Team Members

In Catalio after you have created your capability you should now create your features. To add a new feature to your project, click the drop down menu next to “New Goal.” Select “New Feature” and begin adding specific features to your project. You are able to attach it to a particular goal and label it for your desired persona.

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